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May 23rd

Pit Gate Open 1pm

Tech ‘N TUNE & OPEN Practice Spectators welcome at Pit Gate with donation of non-perishable food items. 


May 30th

Qualifying 5pm
Racing 6pm

Season Opener – Featuring the WESCAR LATE MODEL SERIES

WESCAR Late Model Series, Street Stocks, Pro-Minis & Bone Stocks Double Points


June 13th

Qualifying 5pm Racing 6pm

Fan Appreciation Night

Regular Points Race – All Classes

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Mini, and Streets Stocks

June 26th

Qualifying 5pm Racing 6pm

Hit-To-Pass, burn out competition, Truck Tug-of-War, & King of the Hill


June 27th   

5pmRacing 6pm

Stampede Racing Featuring: ALL CLASS INVITATIONAL and  1st race of the 2015 Tri-City Racing Series Sponsored by Fraser Bevz Broughton Chartered Accountants LLP

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Minis & Street Stocks 

June 28th

Qualifying Noon Racing 1pm

Day 2 – Stampede Racing ALL CLASS INVITATIONAL

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Minis & Street Stocks 

July 25th

Qualifying 5pm Racing 6pm  

Christmas in July Toy Drive  - Regular Points Race – All Classes

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Mini, and Streets Stocks

August 22th

Qualifying 5pm Racing 6pm

Memorial Race - Regular Points Race - All Classes

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Mini, and Streets Stocks

September 19th

Qualifying 4pm Racing 5pm

 Points Final Championship Racing 

Bone Stock Mini, Pro-Mini, and Streets Stocks

September 20th

Qualifying Noon Racing 1pm

"Day of Destruction" = Hit-To-Pass, Trailer Races, Boat Races, King of the Hill




TRI-CITY RACE SERIES Presented by Fraser Bevz Broughton Chartered Accountants

2015 Street Stock Tri-City Running Rules and Agreement

  • Race 1:  June 27th : Stampede Weekend Thunder Mountain Speedway - Williams Lake
  • Race 2:  August 1st : Gordie Mannes Memorial Weekend – Penticton Speedway
  • Race 3:  August 15th : PGARA Playground of Power Invitational Weekend- Prince George
  • Race 4: September 26th : QARA Fall Classic Invitational -Quesnel

            It is to be noted that the BC Tri-City races are 1 day races, and in some cases there will be a combination of Tri-City cars, running for Tri-City points and Invitational points, as well as invitational cars running for Invitational points and pay-outs.

***New for 2015 The BC Tri-City Race Series welcomes Penticton Speedway and their prestigious Gordie Mannes Invitational on the August Long Weekend.  This is a great way of saying thank-you to all the racers from the Southern portion of the Province that have made the trek to our 3 Northern Tracks in the past 2 seasons. 

*** With the addition of a 4th race, all drivers will have the opportunity to choose their 3 best Saturday night points races, out of the 4 possible race dates and combine their totals towards the season ending Championship. Drivers must compete in at least 3 out of the 4 races to be eligible for season ending championship points.

***All cars entered must comply with the below mentioned set of Core running rules, and bring a copy of their Club’s Rule Book as well.

***Tri-City Race Officials reserve the right to run qualifier races in cases of extremely large car counts.

            Each Club has agreed on putting up $1000 towards a year end points fund, and an additional $100 each for trophies for the top 5 in points.  Fraser Bevz Broughton Chartered Accountants has graciously signed on as the series sponsor, adding an additional $6,000 to the championship pot.  Drivers whom plan on competing in this series will be responsible for filling out a 2015 Tri-City Registration form at Race # 1 in Williams Lake.   Transponders will be used for scoring at all 3 races and can be rented from TMS; as these race dates are also dual combination events with All Class Invitational’s taking place, all cars will be required to have a transponder.

2015  Tri-City Core Running Rules

  1. Weight will be a minimum 3200 lbs., including driver, coming off the track after the main event.  No Allowances for Fuel Loss.  Left weight rule is 55% with driver belted in.  47% rear maximum.
  2. For the 2015 season Tri-City cars will run on either the Hoosier 970 series tire, or Penticton Speedways club tire, the American Racer street stock tire. This will be a Trial year of running both tires, to collect data. No mixing of tires will be allowed; all 4 tires must be of the same manufacturer.
  3. Motors will be cast in, cast out.  A Rochester 2 barrel Carburetor for all manufacturers on a stock 2 barrel cast iron intake manifold.
  4. Crate motors will be allowed but must follow the specific rules outlined in the TMS rule book and attached here. 
  5. Minimum 6-inch ground clearance to bottom of frame rail.  Camaro’s measured at the door sill.
  6. Cars must register at the WL race date and compete in a minimum 3 out of the 4 above noted race dates to be eligible for Championship points.
  7. All other rules will be as per each driver’s home track club’s rule book.




            The GM 602 part #88958602 updated part # is 19258602 steel headed Crate motor is the only crate motor allowed.       

  • The following components must be used on the crate motor: -Holley 01-80541-1 650 cfm crate motor carburetor.
  • Restrictor plate must be run. Plate must be purchased from Alien Race Cars. Promoter may at anytime swap plates among competitors or simply replace competitors’ plate with another of the same size. (Plate is the larger one @ 31/32”)
  • Schoenfeld 185 headers. One tube on the right side can be altered to clear upper A arm.
  • GM part # 14088765 counter balanced flex plate
  • MSD 8728 sealed rev limiter with 5500 RPM chip and sold by Alien Race Cars.
  • Distributor that comes with motor must be used or stock appearing replacement. NO racing distributors, super coils, racing modules or computerized ignition allowed. Modules without factory branding or factory decals will be deemed illegal. Vacuum   advance may be disabled or removed.
  • Must use stock GM Performance crate motor valve springs part #10212811. This is the only part of this motor that can be changed.
  • 3 inch dual exhaust pipes. Each side must be separate with NO “X” or “H” pipes. Any      muffler may be used but must be 3 inch in and 3 inch out.
  • Stock water pumps only. NO aluminum or after market water pumps allowed.
  • Stock steel water pump and crankshaft pulleys. NO aftermarket billet aluminum pulleys allowed.
  • 2.73 ring and pinion must be used in the rear end for 3/8” of a mile Tracks (TMS &PGARA) while a 3.08 ring and pinion may be used in the rear end for 1/4” mile Tracks (QARA and Penticton Speedway)
  •  Crate motor or induction system cannot be altered in any way. Seals cannot be broken. If the motor is tampered with in anyway, the driver will be suspended.



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